Shortwave broadcasters step up Covid-19 awareness and news

Several private shortwave broadcasters have been adding Coronavirus information and news to their scheduled programs.

One of the first broadcasters to make an announcement was the IRRS–they have even made a special QSL card available. Here’s their release via the WRTH Facebook page:

Hello There from IRRS & EGR,

1.) While most of Northern Italy has come (nearly) to a halt due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have just extended our global coverage with daily broadcasts to reach out to Europe, the Middle East, Asia/Pacific and Africa with daily news and commentaries on COVID-19 in English.

Here are our new (daily) frequencies as of Feb. 21, 2020 (@ 150 kW):

9640 kHz (1400-1500 UTC) to Asia and Middle East
7290 kHz (1800-2000 UTC) to Europe
9660 kHz (2000-2100 UTC) to Africa
594 kHz (2100-2200 UTC/2200-2300 CET) AM/Medium Wave to N Italy and Southern/Central Europe

Please check our blog for more details at:

You may find our updated B19 frequency schedule at:

2.) On the occasion we have released our new QSL card available electronically for all reception reports.

3.) Additionally, new broadcasts have been started as of today March 4, 2020 in Oromo language to Ethiopia on 11990 from 1500-1600 UTC (@ 250 kW).

You may send your reception report for any of our broadcasts to We will gladly acknowledge all verified reception reports with our new electronic QSL.

When requesting our QSL card, please consult our Privacy Policy at and learn how we process your personal data according to the GDPR.

Stay home, stay safe: listen to Shortwave!


John with VORW has also shared the following announcement:

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to develop, I am now including 20 minutes of news and discussion concerning the virus in every broadcast. This new segment features a recap of the day’s major news developments regarding COVID-19, updated infection totals, analysis of the situation and common-sense tips and things to consider during this outbreak. Our main frequency to North America is 5850 kHz with new shows at 0200 UTC every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (10 PM Eastern every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Additional times & frequencies are listed below.

1300 UTC Thursday – 15770 kHz to Europe
2000 UTC Thursday – 7780 kHz to Eastern North America
2100 UTC Thursday – 7780 kHz to Europe
2200 UTC Thursday – 9955 kHz to South America
0000 UTC Friday – 9395 kHz, 5950 kHz to North America
0100 UTC Friday – 7780 kHz to Europe
0200 UTC Friday – 5850 kHz to North America
2100 UTC Friday – 9955 kHz to South America
0200 UTC Saturday – 5850 kHz to North America
2200 UTC Saturday – 9395 kHz, 6115 kHz to North America
0200 UTC Sunday – 5850 kHz to North America
2200 UTC Sunday – 7780 kHz to Europe
0200 UTC Monday – 5850 kHz to North America

Listener comments and QSL Reports are welcome at

Feel free to comment on this post with any additional special shortwave broadcasts.  Thanks to several readers who have forwarded tips!

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4 thoughts on “Shortwave broadcasters step up Covid-19 awareness and news

  1. Mario

    This is a perfect example of the power of shortwave radio in a situation such as this especially when the medical community is advising us to socially distance ourselves. Radio fits the bill quite nicely.

    Interestingly I have relatives in Northern Italy and in New Rochelle, NY, all coronavirus hotspots.

    Thanks for the great post.

  2. Richard Langley

    The frequency for the 18:00 UTC broadcast has changed to 7295 kHz. There is co-channel QRM from Iran in German for the first 20 minutes or so.


    Thank you for the updates
    Will turn the Receiver on tonight.
    Connected to a long wire out side.
    Reception is rather good


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