Tate Modern ISS installation doubles as ham radio antenna

Photo by @helenleigh

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Matthew, who shares the following tweet from Helen Leigh:

This sculpture at the Tate Modern blew my mind this week. It’s a wire sculpture inspired by the International Space Station that functions as an antenna for a ham radio.

Photo by @helenleigh

Twice a day it plays live audio and data transmissions from the ISS as it passes overhead.

Click here to view on Twitter.

Fascinating!  Goes to show that the Tate Modern is always chock-full of amazing discoveries. Thank you for sharing this, Matthew!

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One thought on “Tate Modern ISS installation doubles as ham radio antenna

  1. Paul Evans

    We didn’t make it to Tate Modern during our recent visit to London (just too much else to do). It is one of the few museums/exhibits in London (and throughout the UK) that charges for entry to some areas. Free entry is supported by the UK public, so be glad!

    The Science Museum is a MUST visit, but avoid Friday/Saturday.


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