Dan’s Fridge Counterpoise and Butter Cookie Signal Booster

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Van Hoy, who writes:

Here’s something you and the SWLing Post bunch might enjoy. My latest innovation in signal enhancement. Listening to KNLS from Anchor Point, Alaska on the 30m band. Not sure how much signal gain is achieved with the butter cookie tin, but it looks intriguing! And the 40 KV electrolyte just happened to be in the area. I’m sure it adds at least another 3dB to the received signal strength. ??

Continuing the relentless pursuit for better radio!

Ha ha! I had no idea that Danish Butter Cookies could help with DX! So much better than setting the Skywave SSB on an Altoids tin! Thanks for the chuckle, Dan!

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7 thoughts on “Dan’s Fridge Counterpoise and Butter Cookie Signal Booster

  1. DL4NO

    Many people think they can define an antenna by looking at something that looks like an antenna. This is incorrect: Antenna is everywhere where asymmetric currents can flow. Most often this is much more than you imagine.

    Another basic idea: Currents can flow through a piece of metal, but they are not created there. You should use some piece of metal that is large enough to have some capacity against its surroundings. The cookies box is much larger than the radio.

    1. Ron F

      Excellent summary.

      3 questions everyone should ask themselves about any antenna:
      – Where does the ‘antenna’ – the signal-picking-up bit – start and stop?
      – Why just that bit?
      – Where does the signal current flow?


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