Belka-DSP shortwave receiver now available via Mobimax

Many thanks to Boris (LZ2JR/AC9IJ) who notes that his company, Mobimax, in Europe now distributes the excellent Belka-DSP receiver.

Boris informed me that he has inventory and they ship immediately (at time of posting–July 25, 2020).

The price is 145.72 EUR (roughly $170 US).

They have two shipping options to US:

  1. Via International Priority Air Mail (11-25 days) 18 Euro
  2. Via TNT/FedEx Express 26 Euro

Click here to check out the product page.

I’ve been working with Boris for well over a year now. He’s the designer and developer behind the Mission RGO One transceiver project. He’s a top-notch fellow and provides excellent customer service to his clients (check out what reviewers say about him on eHam).

Click here to check out Dan Robinson’s initial Belka-DSP review,

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5 thoughts on “Belka-DSP shortwave receiver now available via Mobimax

  1. Loraine E Goodenow

    I will be purchasing a “SQUIRELL” very shortly. I have always wanted to get back into SW. Thanks to your excellent reviews I have made my choice of receivers. Stay well. Lon K4LON

  2. 13dka

    Thanks for that! Anyone who knows me also knows that there’s no way I could resist a super-tiny little radio that acts like a big one and doesn’t cost an arm and a marriage. Looking forward to try it on the beach, once the masses of tourists (due to corona, grrrr) leave a little blank spot there.


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