China Radio International: Jim seeks help understanding language schedule and transmitter locations

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jim Meirose, who asks:

Each day in NJ I am hearing China Radio International in German on 9.570 MHz. It “fades in” up out of the noise about 2 pm EDT, and strengthens until the broadcast signs off just before 3 pm (1800 UTC).

Two things: first, I have found on a couple of websites that a broadcast from CRI on 9.570 does run daily and signs off just before 1800 UCT, but–the listings say it is in English. What I am hearing is in German.

I would like to find someone who can explain the discrepancy in languages between the listings and what I hear.

Second, I would like to know for sure where the transmitter for this broadcast is located. I know CRI broadcasts not only from Beijing but from Albania, Cuba, and possibly others. Can someone tell me the answer?

Thanks very much.

Per your request, Jim, I’ll toss your question out here to the experts in the SWLing Post community. Please comment if you can help Jim with his inquiry!

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6 thoughts on “China Radio International: Jim seeks help understanding language schedule and transmitter locations

  1. jack dully

    I have heard CRI from Beijing in English around 2000 and on, EST and EDT pretty much on a regular basis from Pa. with a powerful signal, try that. Good Luck.

  2. Mangosman

    Put HFCC followed by a stop and org then look at the public information there is the frequency allocations to all High Frequency broadcasters, roll the table down to near the bottom you will find DRM digital broadcasts from China, including transmitter locations. Don’t be put off by the lower power, because the power is the average of the data power. DRM signals do not contain a carrier. AM transmitters are rated for the power when transmitting silence (ie. the carrier), the sound power cannot exceed 33 % of the rated power.

  3. Tom Servo

    I’d recommend using the website:

    CRI has multiple broadcasts on 9570, from both China and Cuba. The ones from Cuba target the US in Cantonese and English. If CRI was broadcasting in German from Quivican, it was a technical error.

    It’s worth noting that when the CRI English broadcast from Beijing signs off at 1800, Romania signs on in German on this frequency for an hour. I’m wondering if that’s what this listener heard instead of China.


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