Nick compares the Icom R9000, Harris 590, WJ 8711, and Racal 6790

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Nick Booras, who shares the following video and notes:

As a SW listener and radio collector I have enjoyed many hours perusing your blog and reviews. I recently started posting YouTube videos of some of my collection and thought you and your viewers might find them interesting. Please take a look at my youtube channel – dieselten01

My most recent vid included some pretty cool older surveillance type receivers.

Those are fabulous receivers! Thank you for sharing your video, Nick! Click here to check out Nick’s YouTube channel.

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2 thoughts on “Nick compares the Icom R9000, Harris 590, WJ 8711, and Racal 6790

  1. Nick

    Hi John

    You can see that the 6790 meter is the same size. I would only be guessing as to why. Perhaps since these were not designed for ham or consumer use but for tuning in to a specific freq and staying there for a long time

  2. John

    Hey Nick,
    You’ve got some beautiful receivers there!

    I’m surprised the Harris 590 has such a puny S-meter.



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