Rush’s new “Spirit of Radio” video pays homage to our rich radio history

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Hirst, who shares a music video recently released by Rush in honor of the 40th anniversary of their album, Permanent Waves.

The animated video takes us on a journey through radio and broadcasting history. No doubt, you’ll recognize many names and stations. It’s a wonderful radio nostalgia trip. Rush produced this video in memory of their epic drummer, Neil Peart, who passed away earlier this year.


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8 thoughts on “Rush’s new “Spirit of Radio” video pays homage to our rich radio history

  1. Brady Curry

    RUSH fan since the 1970’s. One of the worlds greatest bands. Lyrics writtten to make you think with excellent music. There will never be another band like them in my lifetime. Saw them live on halloween for the “Signals” tour.

    For a more “out there” experience check out Kraftwerk’s “Radio-Activity” album. Tracks “Airwaves” and “Antenna” are best.

  2. KB

    I’ve been playing bass since the mid 70s. My first “real” instrument was a Ric 4003. My inspiration was more Chris Squire than Geddy Lee, although he did get a great sound out of it.

    Quirky music for quirky people 😉

    Invisible airwaves
    Crackle with life
    Bright antennae bristle
    With the energy

  3. Mark

    I was introduced to Rush in 1985 by a student friend.

    Power Windows had just come out, which he played along with Permanent Waves on the record player – they become the soundtrack of my life for many years after.

  4. Dan

    Been a Rush fan since 1988. Geddy inspired me to take up the bass guitar. I often wonder if Neal (Drummer and lyricist) was a closet SWL. He seemed to drop snippets of things into his lyrics that were radio related.

    Fun Fact: Their instrumental, YYZ, has an opening riff that is based on the morse code identifier of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport (their home town).

    Thanks for posting this!

    R.I.P. N.E.P.

  5. john

    Love Rush, great band and one of Canada’s finest musical exports (the other one being Joni Mitchell), own many of their CD’s

    Saw them in Cleveland in the 1990s, excellent concert and man, they were loud!


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