Ward discovers a radio in Magnum PI Episode 63: “The Big Blow”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ward, who writes:

Magnum PI episode #62 contains a ham radio that they refer to as shortwave.

Higgens calls for help on [this radio] during a hurricane. The radio receives a gun shot at the end of the show.

73, Ward

Thank you for sharing, Ward!

So the screen shots aren’t the highest quality in terms of seeing detail, but I think I know the model of the radio that was (sadly!) shot. 🙂

The buttons and encoder are almost unmistakable from this manufacturer.

What you you think, Post readers? Care to comment with your guess?

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9 thoughts on “Ward discovers a radio in Magnum PI Episode 63: “The Big Blow”

  1. rtc

    The call letters Higgins used and the op procedures were real,callsign must have belonged
    to someone connected with the show who lived in California.
    The mike was an Astatic D-104,not sure if it would have worked with a modern ham rig.
    And the “ham rig” was a Kenwood R-2000 receiver (used to have one) so Higgins making
    contacts on it was quite impossible.
    A shame it was sacrificed,though.
    Later in the series they implied that Higgins was Robin Masters…this show proved they
    were two separate people…too bad the new writers did not see it.


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