John’s Tecsun PL-990 Hidden Features Quick Reference Sheet

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John Hoad, who shares the following:

I took delivery of my Tecsun PL-990x yesterday from Anon. I thought this hidden features list might be of interest.

Click here to download (PDF).

Thank you for sharing this sheet, John! Well done!

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3 thoughts on “John’s Tecsun PL-990 Hidden Features Quick Reference Sheet

  1. Mark

    I owned my PL990 for just over one year and when I turned it on the other day my frequency display is off by 1khz on LW, AM and SW. I can fine tune sub but have to start with the desired frequency 1 kHz high. Is there a way to calibrate the display?

  2. Mike

    I’ve discovered a temporary setting that some might find useful. When I’m listening to one station for lengthy periods, I like having the clock displayed instead of the signal strength in the upper right hand corner. I’m constantly having to press the display/lock button on the topside to view the clock. Because after a few seconds, the display reverts back to the signal strength.
    1. While the radio is on, push the display/lock button until you see the clock displayed in the upper right corner
    2. Push EITHER “+’ or “-” of the AM bandwidth keys ONCE, before the display switches back.
    3. Pushing any of the keypad buttons or rotating the tuner knob afterwards will “reset” this setting.


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