New DRM Transmission and DXer Programme from KTWR Guam

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ed, who writes:

SWLing Post readers might be interested in learning that KTWR in Guam
has announced new DRM transmission details including a new DXer’s
Program named “Love Asia By Radio” which is scheduled to first air on
October 25, 2020 on their 1026-1057UTC English DRM broadcast to India
on 13800kHz. I just posted a question on their blog asking if the
program audio will be made available online to potential listeners
who can’t receive the broadcast, but haven’t heard back from them
yet. If I do, I’ll share that info.

KTWR New DRM Transmission Details and DXer Programme

Effective from Sunday 25th October, KTWR, Guam will continue its DRM
broadcasts to India, China and Japan. It will include a brand new
programme produced specially for Dxers. Click here for more details.

Love Asia By Radio

Guam Shortwave Transmitter Station – KTWR

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New DX Program

People have asked us to air a DX program for many years. KTWR had
done this a few decades ago, but we had no one to produce a new
program. Now, one of our listeners, Arun Kumar Narasimham has begun
production of the “Dxers Diary”. The first airing will be on 25
October 2020 in our 1026-1057UTC English DRM broadcast to India on
13800kHz. We are glad that Arun has stepped in to fill this
longstanding gap in our programming. We hope you enjoy it and
continue to enjoy the DX hobby.

Thank you for the tip, Ed, and we’ll look forward to any updates you might have.

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4 thoughts on “New DRM Transmission and DXer Programme from KTWR Guam

  1. Arun Kumar Narasimhan

    Dear Friends and fellow Dxers,

    I am Arun Kumar Narasimhan, the Producer and Presenter of DXERS DIARY programme in KTWR. An update about the programme, the 5-minute programme is broadcast every Sunday from 10.26 hrs UTC in 15200 khz DRM Mode. I provide QSL cards to all those who send me their reception reports. The reception reports, band scans and listeners logs can be emailed to [email protected]. This programme has been on air from January 6, 2021.

  2. Paul JAMET

    Greetings from L’Isle-Adam – France,

    On Oct. 25th, 2020, I tuned to this DRM transmission with a kiwi sdr at Hanoï – Vietnam and received an eQSL from KTWR within 6 day. See:

    On Nov 8th, 2020, I listened to this programme with the same kiwi sdr and sent an audio file and a snapshot of the screen of my computer. In the message announcing to me that a QSL in on the way, KTWR told me that they ” are sorry to report that the program DX will not be going on the air (See the ktwrdrm blog spot for Nov. 3rd) ” :

    By the way, KTWR is thinking on a possible move for Japanese DRM Block and waiting for comments:

    Love Asia by Radio – Guam Shortwave Transmitter Station – KTWR

  3. Mangosman

    The lack of response is due to 2 factors;
    There must be no Indians reading this forum
    With the exception of kiwisSDRs contributing to the internet and Gospell (China) and Avion, virtually all receiver manufacturers of high frequency capable radios have ignored installing any digital receiving capability such as DAB+ and in particular DRM. can be sorted in country order and shows at this time only 2 in India.


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