WNJC DX test starting 04:00 UTC on October 18, 2020

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Hemphill (WD9EQD), who shares the following announcement from Les Rayburn (N1LF):

DX Test This Saturday Night/Sunday Morning– WNJC 1360, Washington Township,


“04:00 UTC-Midnight Eastern- WNJC will conduct the DX audio test using Morse
Code and sweep tones continuing on our nighttime pattern.

At 0500 UTC- 1 AM Eastern I will be switching to our daytime pattern at 5kw
using 4 towers directional to SSE with the DX audio test concluding at 0600
UTC. From 0600 – 1000 UTC I will be leaving the transmitter in daytime mode
but be playing a mix of 80s – 2010 pop, rock, dance, country and whatever
else I grew up listening to and feel like playing.

Listen for the sweepers between songs of movie & tv show clips along with
our voice-over guy.”

WNJC has tested previously and been heard as far away as the West Coast of
the United States and Canada. Their test signals have also been received in
the UK, Norway, and Spain. Listen for their signal if you get the chance.

Thank you for the tip, Bill!

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5 thoughts on “WNJC DX test starting 04:00 UTC on October 18, 2020

  1. Richard Langley

    Only WDRC, Hartford, CT, a 5 kW day/night station carrying “Hollywood 360” and “Red Eye Radio” barely heard here in NB at times (faded in and out). Nothing heard underneath unfortunately.

  2. Rob

    Tried, but nothing like test tones heard. Too many interfering stations in the region (northern Gulf coast, just east of New Orleans). Eh, it was worth a shot.

  3. TomL

    At this time (5:08 UTC), I hear something like rapid continuous sweep tones, but it is buried in the background of at least three other interfering radio stations. The tones have faded now, interesting test, wish I could hear it better but the other stations are dominating the frequency in my area (N. IL). Rotating the Twin Ferrite antenna nulls everything east-west of my location.

    Now at 5:23 UTC, rapid continuous sweep tones have changed to rapid intermittent sweep tones. One minute later, has switched back to the rapid continuous type. Another minute later, it may have switched to a single tones but fading too much to know for sure (perhaps Morse code?). At 5:28-5:29 alternating between rapid continuous sweep and intermittent tones.

    5:35 – continuous sweep tones are back. (I note that each continuous sweep lasts Exactly one second each)
    5:40 – continuous sweeps again.
    5:49 – intermittent sweep tones

    You can go here to monitor the broadcast over the internet: wnjc.duxpond.com Listening there, test finished and female (computerized) voice said the DX test was sponsored by the National Radio Club of America and thanked those who helped.

    I cannot hear the music they have begun to play on my radio. I am using an Airspy HF+ with CCrane Twin Ferrite amplified antenna indoors oriented NE-SW to avoid horrible local QRM.

  4. Bill (WD9EQD)

    Just found out that WNJC has been running DX test over the past couple of months.
    They even did some FT-8.

    Following are some links to past tests:



    Ydun Ritz has a nice site devoted to DX Tests. I’ll have to keep an eye on this site for future tests by other stations:


    WNJC also has a Facebook Group which has info on the tests:


    Smithville, NJ


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