The new Belka-DX DSP now available via Mobimax

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, JMMHam, who comments:

The new DX version of BELKA -DSP is now available in the Mobimax Store. The new Belka-DX receiver is about 5 euros more expensive but great. I bought it here:

Very fast delivery !!!

Thank you for the tip! I’ve only had my Belka-DSP for a few weeks, and absolutely love it. 13dka’s review of it was spot-on.

It appears the main additions are:

We’ll have to see how it stacks up against the original Belka DSP which I consider to be one of the best portable HF receivers out there at the moment.

I purchased my Belka-DSP from Mobimax.

Click here to check out the Belka-DX DSP at Mobimax. 

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8 thoughts on “The new Belka-DX DSP now available via Mobimax

  1. Paul

    A bit disappointing that this upgrade happened literally a few days after I received my regular Belka-DSP radio. Can a firmware upgrade at the very least open up the extra frequencies and boost sensitivity? Please help Alex!

    1. Thomas Post author

      I dod the same, Paul. Honestly, though, I’m very happy with the Belka-DSP as-is. I’ll find out if the upgrade is worth it. I rarely used the frequencies at the lower end (save the bit between 1500-1700 kHz).

    2. 13dka

      I’m in the same boat, Paul (well, plus a few weeks). However I bought the Belka for what it is – like Thomas I didn’t care much for anything below 3Mhz because 160m is not terribly interesting over here, just like the small portion of the AM band (on an external antenna that even kind of works with the Belka DSP).

      I don’t have high hopes that the firmware can be upgraded easily (and by the user) and the sensitivity change down there may have required some hardware change as well. But the sensitivity doesn’t taper off very sharply below 3.5 MHz anyway, I find it really gets bad on the last bit (< 1800 kHz) only and the band noise down there is above the sensitivity threshold most of the time.

  2. Bobby Lee Dedman

    This is great! But……….Alex (The inventor, maker, manufacturer) also sells it on his own website in Belarus for $116 U.S. Mine was ordered on the 29th of September and is in customs in the U.S. On the 19th of October. Alex tells me that total time from ordering to my house can be anywhere from 14-30 days. Or, maybe get it from the other distributor for twice that amount. $116 is shipping included from Alex

  3. 13dka

    Ah OK thanks, Ron! I’m not even sure why I was under the impression this gets cut in half too, maybe I confused that with my income and taxes, or I remembered my very short, very pricy and very underwhelming affair with an analog IQ output (Alinco scanner) wrong. 🙂

  4. 13dka

    The mobimax website is apparently changing since this weekend with more details being added, the manual on is also not quite changed all the way yet, so that’s really in the making right now. Surprise, surprise. Would be interesting to see if and how the 1.5-3.5 MHz range was changed/improved. A module version sounds interesting, too.

    1. 13dka

      The SDRUno screeshot symbolizing the IQ output is maybe a bit too enthusiastic 🙂 It says it’s an analog IQ output, so the visible portion of spectrum will be 1/2 of the sample rate, e.g. 24 kHz at 48 kHz SR and so on.

      1. Ron F

        Nope, it’s correct, with IQ sampling at 48kHz sample rate the spectrum bandwidth will be 48kHz. Remember, IQ sampling takes twice as many samples – you’re sampling I (‘real’, amplitude, whateveryouwanttocallit) @ 48kHz _and_ Q (‘imaginary’, phase, whateverelseyouwanttocallit) @ 48kHz, capturing both amplitude and phase – and the upshot is you’re taking (the equivalent of) 2 ‘real’ samples per period, which Nyquist tells you is fine, and recoverable bandwidth = sample rate.


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