Can you ID the radio in this pharmaceutical ad?

Many thank to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Evans (W4/VP9KF), who writes:

I was watching a TV advert (well, no I wasn’t), but then this one
comes on with a drug for COPD.

On the kitchen table, along with the inhaler thing there just happens
to be a radio 🙂

Let’s see who can find out what it is! Thanksgiving Quiz!

Oooh…good challenge. The resolution is pretty poor int he photo, but I’m almost certain I can ID the radio. Can you?  Please comment!

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11 thoughts on “Can you ID the radio in this pharmaceutical ad?

  1. Hank Michalenka, CPA

    This was my first shortwave-capable radio, a 1965 Christmas present…a Realistic 4597 that i still had when I joined NASWA in 1967. The main tuning knob was slightly different from the picture shown, which may have separated the design from Longines/Realtone models.

  2. 13dka

    It seems you are all correct: According to someone, Realtone Electronics Co. was (still is?) a NY/later NJ based company which was associated with a factory in Tokyo that ran under the MITI code “604”. “Sounddesign” was a brand of the same company introduced in 1963. Longines marketed a variety of radios from different Japanese factories including the model on the picture.

  3. Chris

    I have the very radio. My radio is badged as a Longine Symphonette though I have heard of others. It’s actually a great performer on the 49 metre band.

      1. Chris

        I didn’t know about the Realtone. Here is an eBay link to the Longines. It has a special badge designating it “World Traveler”. A great little radio made in Japan. Battery life is really great at a modest volume. I use my radio in the bathroom in every morning. I change the batteries about every 3-4 years.

    1. Paul Evans

      I thought so at first but it isn’t. Compare on Google Images (or others).Still have no idea, unless Thomas has it nailed……

      It’s four band, you can see that.


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