Cancelled SAQ Christmas Eve Transmission

(Source: SAQ via Jake Brodsky, AB3A)

As a result of the prevailing circumstances in our society, we unfortunately have to inform that the traditional Christmas Eve transmission with SAQ is cancelled.

We find it sad to have to make this decision, but see it as a necessary measure to protect everyone involved. While waiting for the next transmission with SAQ, there are several YouTube clips from previous transmissions that you can watch.

We truly regret this and hope for your understanding of the situation and continued support for the business. We hope that “our old lady” can soon be heard on the air again!

Grimeton World Heritage Foundation & Alexander GVV Friends Association

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One thought on “Cancelled SAQ Christmas Eve Transmission

  1. Jake Brodsky, AB3A

    I was looking forward to another attempt to hear SAQ this winter. But sadly it is not going to happen.

    I wish the good people of the Alexander Association a Happy Christmas. May we all have better luck next year.


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