Desheng retailing the Tecsun H-501 at 1500 Yuan

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Robert Richmond, who writes:

You probably have seen the info months ago, but I just noted Tecsun China has officially launched the Tecsun H-501 receiver in China priced at 1500 Yuan, which is about $230 USD. Add shipping.

The Chinese domestic market H-501 model on AliExpress and Bangood has been averaging $400+ USD. I have no idea if the Desheng/Tecsun store ships outside China, but it seems like a considerable savings for customers outside of China if actually capable of ordering there.

The Tecsun homage currently features a H-501 banner:

The homepage link for more info takes you to a Desheng/Tecsun sales page including specs, multiple pics, consumer reviews, etc. here:

Best Regards,

Robert Richmond

Thank you for the tip, Robert! I’ll be waiting for Anon-Co to distribute the export version of the H-501, but the 1500 Yuan/$230 USD price point is much closer to what I expected rather than those early inflated AliExpress prices.  Thanks again!

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7 thoughts on “Desheng retailing the Tecsun H-501 at 1500 Yuan

  1. Daniel Robinson

    This is obviously the China market version of the H-501 — you can expect
    much higher prices for the export version, according to Anon-Co.

  2. mark

    See the issues is that Tecsun are normalising poor sound quality on SSB if anyone thinks the distorted muffled audio is good on the 880,990x or S-8800 then it really is a sad time for radio.

    The PL-680 sounds incredible on SSB compared to the 880/990x, The 990x sounds decent on FM and AM throughout the SW bands and it’s sensitive on the whip but this does not make up for the horrific sound quality on SSB.

    Tecsun really did improve sound clarity with the new PL-330, it really does make a difference but the distortion is still there and this is simply not acceptable.

    Ease of tuning ? the Sangean ATS-909 X2 is much easier to tune with the Tuning encoder on the front of the radio, it’s a pleasure to use compared to any radio with the tuning on the side, it can provide proper one hand operation without the radio moving around, it also sounds wonderful on SSB and there’s a new production tun supposed to sort out some issues.

    What’s more is that the Sangean ATS-909 x2 and the Tecsun PL-680 can use ECSS which is a true DX’ers delight when it comes to chasing DX and reducing or eliminating QRM and fading signals. This isn’t possible on most DSP radios, the PL-880/990x , S-880, XHDATA D-808 and so on, because they destroy the audio quality on SSB + the noise floor increases.

  3. Paul Mitchell

    Thank you for the update Robert. I will be interested in the forthcoming radio reviews. I jumped in early and purchased a PL-990 and must say I am very happy with this radio. Apart from stereo it will be interesting to see if there are another benefits that the H-501 might bring to the table.

    Thanks again,

    Mitch in Oz.

    1. TomL

      I second your comment. It would help SSB reception if the radio had a user adjustable AGC. I will also add that if the Sync feature is of similar poor implementation like on the PL-990x, as well as hissy Mediumwave reception, I would also pass on it. Reviews will shed light on these things, hopefully.

      1. Kitty McLaren

        Focusing purely on the negatives of the PL990x will be an injustice to any potential portable SW radio owner. For the sum of its parts, the PL990x is a cracker of a portable, better than any of the Sony’s ive owned imo. It is a joy to tune with a knob, the sound is clear on voice (beats my 7600GR), the SSB is still clearer and easier to tune than a SW7600G or7600GR and has tons more memory. The fine tuning is superb, finer resolution (with display) and there are just more bandwidths adjustments.

        1. Paul Mitchell

          I concur with Kitty McLaren,
          I think it is a wonderful portable radio and prefer its filters to my Sony ICF-SW7600GR. It is so easy to tune in a ssb signal. Audio is great. I am reluctant to admit it, though it is better than my Palstar R30A. A portable radio with so many features that work and are not hidden features. Tecsun stands by these features as they are printed out in the accompanying manual for the radio. To do better you would have to spend a thousand or thousands AUD on a modern desktop receiver. If you are only interested in LW, MW and shortwave bands. This is the radio for you. There is its big brother the H-501, though that takes two Lithium batteries. I am very happy with this radio and its memory management is brilliant. The sync feature is brilliant and tracks the AM/SSB signal down to the noise floor and holds it. It does not unlock and try to require as the Sony does. Well done Tecsun. If you are after a top shelf portable? I do not think you can go past this radio at the moment. Yes there are better radios, though they cost four times as much and the batteries are not replaceable by the user. I am thinking of the RDR Pocket The PL990 is a lovely radio to enjoy audio books during the day or night and listen shortwave radio of an evening. External antenna as with other portables is desirable.

          To nit pick does nobody any favours.


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