The new HanRongDa HRD-747: Mei Tao shares preliminary info and photos

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mei Tao, who shares the following:

Hi Thomas:

Before the Chinese New Year, I received a prototype of the HRD-747 radio and was asked for suggestions on how to improve it. As far as I know, this little gem will hit the Chinese market in April.

Here are its major features and some photos:

  1. More like a handheld wideband receiver: covers UHF?300—520MHz), VHF?30—300MHz), AIR, FM (64—108MHz), SW, MW, USB, LSB, WFM, NFM, and AM.
  2. Based on a DSP chip?sensitivity and selectivity are excellent.
  3. SSB?selectable USB/LSB?reception with 10Hz step tuning.
  4. Multiple tuning methods: ATS, presets, manual tuning, auto tuning, etc.
  5. Equipped with tuning knob.
  6. Bandwidth is selectable.
  7. Squelch level can be adjusted.
  8. ATT control, external antenna jack.
  9. 1000 memory presets.
  10. Powered by BL-5C cellphone battery (removable).


Mei Tao


Thank you, Mei Toa! The HRD-747 certainly offers a wider frequency range that we’re used to seeing in small portable radios. I’m very curious how sensitive and selective it is in those higher VHF/UHF bands and if imaging or poor selectivity are issues.

Thank you so much for the preliminary info!

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11 thoughts on “The new HanRongDa HRD-747: Mei Tao shares preliminary info and photos

  1. Vasagle Gleblu

    The controls are a little difficult to use but I’d be willing to live with that if it performed well enough. The reception of the HRD-747 on MW and SW (AM demodulation) is exceptional. I like that is has SSB even though it is difficult to use sometimes. However, the most disappointing item about its performance is with narrow FM. It seems that anything tuned in on VHF / UHF / UBC / WX (NFM demodulation) is excruciatingly muffled. Some have described it as “tinny.” The sound is so terrible I cannot make out what anyone is saying in spite of the selected band width. The HRD-737, on the other hand, has excellent performance with NFM. I just wish there was a modification or a firmware upgrade that I could perform on the HRD-747 to fix this problem.

  2. Lawrence London

    I bought a HRD-737 on the recommendation of someone in this group. It is my goto radio for weather, outstanding. Audio is awful, tinny, etc. Otherwise a great radio – connect it to one of the Tecsuns with unbelievable audio: Tecsun Q3 or the larger ICR -110 – these and the PL SW series have the best audio of any brand I have tested….except a surprise entry: the incredible K605. No weather but SW AM, AM, FM, mp3 player, mine came with a very nice external antenna, with which reception is hard to believe. I couldn’t believe the audio of this tiny radio when I first heard it; it competes with the Tecsuns, strong bass, not tinny, plenty of volume. I wish I had bought two of them but now I will have to get a second one from here: Shipping is $4.23 –

  3. Mike S

    The reactions to the original version of this model (and variants) seem to run the gamut from love to hate. It’s nice to see that they are working on a redesign which hopefully addresses the major performance shortcomings rather than adding new features on the same hardware base.

  4. Ronnie

    Looks a pain to tune to a frequency or to one of 1000 memories without number keys. Oh you can do it alright but how long does it take to get the correct mode and then move to the right number.

    1. JD

      That’s exactly the problem I have with my HRD-737. Difficult to tune, impossible to edit memories.

      I wonder if the sound quality is improved over the HRD-737.


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