Video: How the UK shipping forecast is made

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David (G4EDR), who writes:

I know that you and many of your readers of the SWLing Post (myself included) have a fascination with the UK Shipping Forecast so thought you may be interested in this YouTube video showing how the Met Office prepare the forecast for broadcasting.

Thank you, David! Yes, indeed, I love the shipping forecast. I must admit that I’m pleased (and not terribly surprised) to see that forecasts are not based purely on computer models, but on the expertise of experienced meteorologists.

Thank you for sharing!

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4 thoughts on “Video: How the UK shipping forecast is made

    1. John

      Hey Richard,

      Thanks for that link!
      Grew up listening to the Shipping forecast and Sailing By on Radio 4 at 198 kHz.
      Whenever I’m back in the UK I always tune in. I’m surprised Radio 4 is still transmitting on 198 kHz, that must be a legacy frequency from the early days of broadcasting.


  1. John

    Do they still play “Sailing Away”?

    I used to love listening to that strangely comforting music, often wondered if others were also listening in on ships with gale force winds blowing outside.


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