Back to life…

If you’re written an email inquiry to me, you may have noticed I’m nearly two weeks behind in replies. Not only has family life been very active but earlier this week we believe I got a touch of food poisoning. I’m slowly getting back on my feet and feeling human again, but it has certainly zapped me of energy and I, frankly, haven’t felt good enough to even look at a computer screen until today.

Books and radio listening have been my refuge and distraction.

I’m slowly starting to feel better but just know things might be in low gear here the next few days.

I will be back. And this post will likely self-destruct in two days because…well…I’d like to simply forget this whole incident!

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25 thoughts on “Back to life…

  1. Frank

    Get well soon! I have been through this myself before…we so enjoy your blog! Looking forward to seeing you back in the saddle 🙂

  2. Marwan Baayoun

    Best of health to you, Thomas! Get well soon and keep those enjoyable and informative emails coming!!


    1. Thomas Post author

      Thank you! Can you please re-send that email? I checked all email including SPAM and can’t find a single message from you. Thanks!

      1. nuraman00

        I’ll try posting here.

        I have a Tecsun PL-600.

        I am on the west coast in California.

        I tried 7490 kHz for the Isle Of Music a few different weeks. I can’t get reception.

        I tried 7570 kHz for the Virtual Dance Party Request Party Thingy last week.

        I got it for about 20 mins, then I stopped getting reception. I never got it back.

        I had to use the online stream.

        Is this normal, to have this much trouble with SW stations?

        Or what can I do to get better reception inside my house?

  3. Brian, W9IND

    Here’s wishing you a swift comeback. Glad you’ve had your radio to get your mind off your internal conflict.

    I’m all too familiar with food poisoning, having once attempted to cook a hamburger in dwindling daylight on a charcoal grill that never got hot enough. Only after I bit into a completely cold middle did I realize I’d already chomped and swallowed several bites of undercooked ground beef … and if I had any doubt, the final confirmation began 3 hours later with a sharp pain in my side.

    Hope yours is in your rearview mirror soon!

  4. East Troy Don

    Had the same thing happen to my wife and I in Venice 20 months ago. You have our sympathy and get well soon.

  5. Paul Mitchell

    Thomas, maaaatttteee, I feel your pain.

    I hope you are well soon and find it safe to sit down again.

    Best regards,


  6. Timothy Marecki

    Hi Thomas! I certainly hope you are feeling better by now!!! I’ve had food poisoning in the past, so I know what you are going through. As always, I really look forward to all the great tips and news you continue to share about all things radio!


    Tim Marecki


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