Video: This radio enthusiast has quite the collection of vintage radios

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Daly, who shares the following:


If you want to drool over some old SW radios take a look at this guys
incredible collection:

He’s going to be selling a bunch of them but unfortunately he’s in
Australia. Or maybe it’s fortunate that he’s in Australia because it’ll
prevent me from spending way too much money loading up on some of these

Tom Daly

Ha ha! Yes, I’m happy he’s on the other side of the planet from me, but this is a great opportunity for our readers in Australia! That’s an amazing collection.

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5 thoughts on “Video: This radio enthusiast has quite the collection of vintage radios

  1. Brenton Meadows

    Howdy, I’m brenton vk3cm, the collector of all things radio(and slightly eccentric according to my beautiful wife???) and I have to agree re duplications here, things got a little out of control with the hundreds and hundreds of radios. We are currently doing a stocktake of all the duplicates and offering to swl lovers to clean up a bit here. Definitely happy to discuss with anyone if they spot a duplicate and need supply. As a bit of background, I am working on a display museum here in north east Victoria and we have just invested in a new building to display in with toilet and kitchen facilities. The concept will be to meet fellow radio enthusiasts and show them examples of swl, ham and cb radio ocer a nice cup of tea or coffee. There will be no charge for this, its purely something I would like to do to give back to an industry I worked in all my life and enjoyed so much. There are a number of videos of various videos of my efforts here on my YouTube channel.
    Cheers brenton vk3cm tangambalanga north east Victoria Australia. Email

  2. James Patterson

    Lovely collection.Over here in New Zealand they are like hens teeth to find and collect.I did not see a Barlow Wabley,the South African portable HF SSB rig.They were a very nice analog receiver and very accurate.

  3. Ken Hansen

    Typically when I see a collection like that, it’s an SK (Silent Key) sale, but it seems the narrator is the owner snd future seller.

    I understand the collecting, but I don’t get the duplicates – particular models two or three units deep. I guess the issue is as long as you have space to fill, you don’t need to “thin the herd” as they say…

    1. Andre

      Ive been to se this collection myself ( yes i cried a little!!) Brenton is building his own Meseum/Collection so wants the best of the best hence the doubles/tripples as when a better one comes alond it gets swapped out . Great guy and is more than happy to send world wide! Luckerly ( or perhaps unluckly ) for me he is only 4 hours away!! de VK3MAW


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