Video: WBCQ/World’s Last Chance Radio – Technical Notes

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Gavaras, who shares the following video posted on the WFFJ-TV YouTube channel:


“Sit down interview with Allan and Angela Weiner, owners of WBCQ radio – 9.330 AM. Technical discussion about station construction, its electronics and the importance, and relevance, of short-wave radio in the modern world.”

Thank you for the tip, Tom!

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15 thoughts on “Video: WBCQ/World’s Last Chance Radio – Technical Notes

  1. Doctor_Song

    If I may make a request for assistance in the preservation of Analog Rock N Roll Radio . I of course have a Radio backstory that at some point will become known to YOU and at that time all of this will finally resemble making some sort of sense of why im even bringing this to your attention.

    I call upon the Engineers who have wandered in the Aiether since the first movers of modulation knocked on the sky and listened to the sounds as they flew through the air “can you hear me? “— “yeah !!! can ya hear me?” — “Yeah I hear you, hearing me!!!! Here , Lets see what happens if we play a SONG ” —

    It is imperative that i obtain certain transception essentials From Microphone to antenna. too many cycles have past since proper excitation of the ionispheric layer in the manner I intend.

    Because in the the end the only thing that stacks the atoms and saturates the neutrinos in this battshitfimmeld world is ROCK N ROLL !!!
    and this is how YOU induce the greatest Resonance this world haswaswillever GROK.

    So how bout it then? YOU are a 1 not a 0 after all


    P.S. Its been a couple decades since i spoken to you bcq guys and i would love to get back in touch before i die or die trying not to die.
    73s 42 Dont Panic

  2. Abigail

    This station is junk. Aside from the flat earth rubbish, WBCQ is also the home of various far-right racist political wingnuts and the insane ramblings of Brother Stair from beyond the grave. If this is what it takes to keep commercial SW radio on the air, turn it off. There’s so much great content from around the world available online and via podcasts these days.

    I’m not singling out Weiner for this, although his station is one of the worst. The same goes for the endless Chinese propaganda, too. The only fun is to be had on the European SW bands with small indie operators like Channel 292 and the European pirates.

    1. Samuel Rhine

      Asian stations are great if you live on the west side of the USA. Tons of them on the longer HF bands as well as Indonesian pirates all over 6 MHz.

      Weiner has become a bit of an idiot the past few years and seems like he fried his brains on one of those transmitters at some point. First deranged rantings about the ALLISS modules computer than he messes it up and you don’t even get this garbage at the promised 500kW.

    1. Samuel Rhine

      If the earth were flat they wouldn’t need shortwave to begin with since a VHF FM on a high moutain top would cover the entire disc easily at the standard commercial 100kW.

  3. Chris

    Western nations have failed to recognize the soft power which SW broadcasts bring. Each time a country cuts SW broadcasts due to cost cutting etc. , they are basically stating how short sighted they are. There are still pockets of the world which rely on radio and the void is filled by influencers Julio and Michael mention. CRI is another massive influencer now and was surprised to hear a strong station in Spanish from them yesterday.

    1. Samuel Rhine

      Regardless there’s still tons of shortwave listeners in North America so you would think with the Hyper paranoia of the USA government they would try to back better stations or put their own national ones on like other countries with the pockets to spring it for fear of people listening to communism or something like that under the guise of “National Security” while letting the government contractors and politicians skim off the top since that’s the only way to get anything done these days.

  4. Michael Meyer

    I agree to Julio’s point of view! If shortwave broadcasts will only be kept alive by minority religious organisations (read sects) like Brother Stair or by flat earth / conspiracy (Deep State etc) communities, then someone please pull the plug!

    Content is to me more important than weak signals, and I still enjoy to listen to nice music and good discussions!

  5. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Antoher thing that shoud’ve been addressed is the importance of content. The WLC broadcasts flat earth content in Brazilian Portuguese aiming an audience they presume has low education background. WLC also atacks the Catholic Church which is also the religious denomination of the majority of the people in Brasil. If this the way to preserve shortwave, well, then let it end. Fortunately, very few people listen to shortwave radio in Brasil, the reason why the number of stations has been reduced dramatically.

    1. Abigail

      They also broadcast such content (I think it’s the same scripts translated) in German, Arabic and British English, so I don’t think they make any assumptions as to the education levels in different countries (Germany, Britain and the Arab world are not known for poor education). It’s just that they want to get the nonsense out to as many groups and nationalities as possible.


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