Armin hears “clicks” after update of SI473x receiver firmware

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Armin Sander, who writes:

Hello Thomas,

Thanks for posting the info on the SI47xx firmware-update.

I have done the update and the receiver runs now on firmware ver. 3.0.7a

It works fine but I hear now on am/lw/shortwave “click” noises on the radio.

Is this the sign that something is wrong with the firmware programming?

Before I had the ver. 1.5 on my radio without these noises.

Maybe you can post this info on your homepage.

Best Regards from Germany

Armin Sander

Thank you for the feedback, Armin. My hope is that an SWLing Post reader might be able to help you hear. I haven’t heard others report of click noises yet.

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2 thoughts on “Armin hears “clicks” after update of SI473x receiver firmware

  1. Robert Richmond

    I noticed clicks at some point during initial testing, but they apparently disappeared somewhere along the way. Possibly after I did the filter caps on the Nano clone power rails.

  2. Marc

    I’ve made the same comment on fb. I see it has to do with the reading/displaying of the signal. I will change my sketch, so that it only shows signal for first 5-10 seconds …


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