Radio Deal: AN200 loop antenna on sale at Ham Radio Outlet

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Grant Porter, who notes that Ham Radio Outlet has the Eton/Grundig AN200 loop antenna on a closeout sale for $15.00.

As Grant notes, this is an especially great deal if you live near an HRO retails store.

The AN200 is an incredibly effective tool for a mediumwave DXer. Click here to read some of our past articles.

Click here to check out the AN200 at HRO.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Deal: AN200 loop antenna on sale at Ham Radio Outlet

  1. Anthony G.

    I saw that as well but the shipping fees for anywhere outside the USA are prohibitive and let me tell you I’m not very far away…

    Wish I could support them but eBay and Amazon still have better overall prices for me.

    1. Ron F

      You think that’s bad – one dodgy Australian online retailer is asking AU$255 for the Grundig-branded version! Granted, they claim free shipping… 😉

      Meanwhile, I can get the identical Tecsun-branded original for 1/10th the price from anon-co.


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