Giuseppe’s Tecsun S-8800 aluminum case is a self-contained listening post!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Giuseppe Morlè (IZ0GZW), who shares the following video and notes:

I recently bought a Tecsun S-8800 to be used mainly on shortwave. I carry it in an aluminum case to use it everywhere:

Many thanks for sharing this, Giuseppe! I love the integrated antenna–so clever!

Post readers: Giuseppe has had issues with the S-8800 accidently turning on in the case. Can anyone describe the button combo needed to lock the dial and controls during transport? I checked the manual but have found no reference. Please comment if you can help!

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8 thoughts on “Giuseppe’s Tecsun S-8800 aluminum case is a self-contained listening post!

  1. Edward

    There is the possibility that the weight of the plastic power key is actuating the power contacts by inertia if the case is dropped or bumped in the right angle or position. Had this happen to me. That is why I take the batteries out when shipping or transporting.

    1. giuseppe morlè

      Thank you all…
      I came to the conclusion to remove the batteries …
      actually there is no lock icon on the display …
      they declare this receiver “field” but the essential function for the transport is missing …
      Thanks again … good listening.
      Giuseppe iz0gzw.

  2. Bill K

    Power button being activated accidentally? Try a tall enough rubber or felt washer over the button or perhaps a bottle top of the appropriate diameter over the button when in transit – or both.

  3. TomL

    I use a lid from a vitamin pill bottle that has a flip cover built in. The lid is taped on the front and I flip open the lid to turn on/off the radio. Its dumb, but it works!

  4. David Elden

    Re accidently turning on in the case: I would think attaching a piece of foam to the lid opposite the speaker grill and sized not to extend beyond that would help. It would need to stand off the lid far enough to contact the speaker grill firmly enough to stop the radio moving and the red power button getting pressed (but not press too hard on the gril).
    Nice looking radio.

  5. 13dka

    I’m afraid the S-8800 doesn’t have a lock f unction, documented or undocumented and the display doesn’t even have a symbol for it. :/

  6. Andrew (grayhat)

    Was the issue caused by the remote, or by the radio power button ?

    At any rate, in both cases it may be possible to add some covers to the radio and remote and avoid tge issue

    As for the antenna, I’d add a pigtail and some adapters to allow connecting the receiver to any available external antenna, I’d also add an elastic band to the upper side of the box to hold a logbook



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