lab599 Discovery TX-500 UK distributors and dealers

If you live in the UK and have been waiting for the arrival of the lab599 Discovery TX-500 transceiver, this is a positive development:

Lab599 have informed me that Nevada Radio will be the exclusive distributor of the TX-500 in the UK.

In addition, Waters and Stanton will be a TX-500 dealer and distrubutor.

The price will be £899 and both retailers are taking deposits (Nevada a £83.33 deposit, Waters and Stanton a £100 deposit) for the first delivery due in September 2021.

Click here to check out the TX-500 at Nevada Radio and here for Waters and Stanton.

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One thought on “lab599 Discovery TX-500 UK distributors and dealers

  1. Egil Ingebrigtsen

    When trying to get more information of this transceiver by following the links to Nevada Radio and Waters and Stanton, Malwarebytes block them both and reports that the webpages are infected by a Trojan.
    I really hope they are false positives.

    73’s Egil – LA2PJ


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