Photos from the 2021 WCARS Hamfest

This past weekend (July 24, 2021), my buddy Vlado (N3CZ) and I attended the 2021 Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society (WCARS) hamfest in Waynesville, North Carolina.

Due to Covid-19 lock-downs and social distancing, this was the first hamfest we’d attended in 18 months. I think all of us were having serious hamfest withdrawal, so this regional hamfest was very well-attended. Who knows what will happen in the future with regards to Covid–numbers are climbing sharply again here in NC–so I think many of us were there enjoying everything “while the gettin’ was good.” It helped that even the indoor area is incredibly spacious and had a constant airflow.

It was so great seeing so many friends, readers, and subscribers. Thank you for stopping by our tables.

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3 thoughts on “Photos from the 2021 WCARS Hamfest

  1. Jim Tedford

    Hamfests are such a joy that we all missed in 2020. All varities of ham, shortwave gear; parts and manuals and legos and flowers all related to radio. It’s so wonderful that we we now have folks getting together to sell/buy/share their enthusiasm for radio.


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