Rare AEG Telefunken E1800 receiver fetches over $5,000 US

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

A rare AEG 1800 receiver fetched over $5,000 in an auction on the Japan Buyee site, complete with its original metal cabinet.

As collectors/users of premium receivers know, the 1800 was once described as the best HF radio ever made. And this particular unit contained most of the rare main modules that themselves often sell for high prices in Europe.

There were 54 bids for this AEG 1800, demonstrating that rare premium sets such as this, and especially Japan Radio Company (JRC) receivers, still attract major interest from collectors.

Click here to view the completed listing on Buyee.

Most impressive, Dan. It truly amazes me to see the prices rare commercial-grade receivers fetch these days. I’ll be the first to admit that an AEG E1800 would look great in my shack!

Thank you for sharing, Dan.

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3 thoughts on “Rare AEG Telefunken E1800 receiver fetches over $5,000 US

  1. Marcus Keulertz

    This particular receiver was a real german one, it’s a genuine Berliner. “Made in Germany” Telefunken used to be one of the most famous brand during the 60’s,70’s before it went bankrupt.

  2. Bob Colegrove

    There is a very active group of loop antenna enthusiasts at groups.io
    [email protected]
    They take questions and have some good sage advice. Recommend signing up if one is interested in loops. One caution, the members include hams who use loops for transmitting. These require special considerations apart from receive-only antennas, and one has to be careful of what is being discussed. Also, there are several valid approaches to loop design.
    Personally, as a matter of preference, I have been using passive, resonant loop antennas from 150 kHz through ~23 MHz since the early ’80s. There is something about tuning a loop to peak signal, or nulling out interference that’s very satisfying and reassuring.

    Bob Colegrove


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