Dean recommends KM4MPF Sales

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dean Bianco, who writes:

I have purchased another C Crane SSB Skywave brand-new from an on-line retailer called KM4MPF Sales On-Line Store out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. [I paid a] discounted price of $149.99 vs the $169.99 price charged by C Crane direct. […] I feel not enough listeners would be aware of the significant discount of this fine, but normally pricey receiver. C Crane still earns money in the process, so it is a guilt-free decision to buy from the Tennessee company I would think.

Click here to check out KM4MPF’s selection of radios.

Thank you for sharing this, Dean! I know I have seen KM4MPF at local hamfests in the past. He has a great inventory of radios. Thanks for the tip!

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3 thoughts on “Dean recommends KM4MPF Sales

  1. stogieguy7

    Thanks for this tip, I’d never heard of this place. I’ve bookmarked the link for the next time that I decide to buy a C Crane radio. I love their stuff, but it can be a tad pricey and shipping from their facility near Eureka, CA seems to take a long time – even to the Midwest where I live. This would solve those quibbles, if they have what I want in stock.

  2. John

    To bad another company that says free shipping to the lower 48 only. Sucks living in the red headed step child state of Alaska. The 49th state of the USA.

    1. Troy Riedel

      Quite frankly John it’s economics over ‘red-headed step-child’. As a retired military family, we have experience living in Kodiak, AK. Sending/shipping items from CONUS to AK was typically 1.5-2.5x more expensive for our family (sometimes more depending upon shipping restrictions requiring a certain mode/company for shipping) . It’s the same reason that a gallon of milk – at the time – cost $6-$8 Gal (or more) in AK versus $3 in the lower 48. I don’t think you can reasonably fault a vendor for requiring additional shipping or even shipping cost at all when it costs the vendor more shipping to AK. There are many lower 48 vendors who charge more or offer free versus charged shipping only east or west of the Mississippi River based on where they are and where you are … it’s just economics mate.


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