Check out the new scheduler functionality in SDRuno V1.41

Many thanks to Jon Hudson with SDRplay who shares the following information about the latest release of SDRuno on the SDRplay blog:

Try out the new features in SDRuno V1.41 released today

SDRuno V1.41 was fully released today.  It includes the much requested full scheduler facility which allows you to set up numerous recording events for your RSP.  As well as providing all the expected calendar options (time of day, date, start and stop times, repeating options and so on), you can also set the ‘profile’ for each recording – this allows you to pre-set frequencies, bandwidths, demodulator options (AM/FM/USB/LSB etc.), choice of filters and antenna port selection.  Additionally you can choose the settings for connectivity to other third party software or the running of a specific plugin.

• New Scheduler panel which replaces the old “Recorder” panel (launch using the SCHEDULER button in the main panel).
• A new autolayout to include the scheduler (for screen resolutions of 1920×1080 and above).
• Backup and Restore of the ini file settings (access via the main panel OPT menu)
• Screenshot button has been added to the SP1 title bar
• IQ wav files can now be used in plugins
• Autolayouts now take account of the taskbar location and size.
• Autolayouts have been improved to take account of higher resolutions.
• Saved workspace notification moved to the status bar.
• Memory Panel will now prompt to save any changes made when switching to another memory
• Decimation and the LOLOCK state are now correctly saved and recalled within a profile.
• Main panel version tooltip now displays correct information.
• The step size could be set incorrectly when using non-FM modes and pressing any of the FM sub
mode buttons.
• ADS-B/DAB mode now handles when in both band-framed mode and also when the LO is locked.
• Bugs associated with wav file playback
• When loading a profile, the last used memory bank field will update correctly
• Saving a profile will now update the displayed loaded profile field correctly
Known Issues
• SP2 CWAFC drift issue (Zoom/window size/freq display)
• IF output mode disabled SP1 spectrum mouse clicks
• Occasionally if SDRuno is closed whilst a plugin is still running, it may not close properly. This may
necessitate a PC reboot to fix it.

You can find this latest version of SDRuno on our downloads system :

Click here to continue reading this post on SDRplay’s website which also includes a number of tutorial videos.

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2 thoughts on “Check out the new scheduler functionality in SDRuno V1.41

  1. Mike Westfall N6KUY

    The new scheduler is fantastic and full-featured. Wow, what an improvement!

    But, let me air a grievance here just as I did on a couple of Facebook groups:

    I do quite a bit of playback of I/Q files I’ve recorded previously. When I’m doing this, I don’t need to see the scheduler window in all it’s glorious screenwidth. I just need to see the record/playback controls, which previously was a small and unobtrusive window that I could fit in the corner of my screen out of the way of the other windows I need to see (such as main, sp1, sp2 and rx control). Now, in order to use the the record/playback controls, you have to bring up the scheduler window which cannot be shrunk enough to be out of the way of the other windows on my laptop screen. It’s worse when you have a file loaded (because the window expands horizontally in order to show the file name).

    This is a minor annoyance that I will learn to live with, but I think it would be better if the record/playback window was left the way it was and divorced from the scheduler window.

    But, I do like the fantastic new scheduler otherwise.

    1. Tom Servo

      I totally agree! I also playback I/Q files (recorded in HDSDR) regularly and the new window is way too big for simply playback needs. I’m happy for the scheduler, though. It’s been needing something like this for a while.


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