Ukraine State Radio resumes broadcasting on 549 kHz

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Vlad (US7IGN), who notes:

The good news is that [Ukraine] state radio has resumed broadcasting on 549 kHz.

Thank you Vlad and wishing you the best.

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7 thoughts on “Ukraine State Radio resumes broadcasting on 549 kHz

  1. Paddy O'Reilly G4MAD

    Sadly the broadcast were short lived, becoming intermittent at the weekend of 5-6 March 2022 before finally ceasing.

    The transmitter was near the Black Sea port city of Mykolaiv which has been on the front line of the Russian gression since the end of last week.

    However, Polish Radio has been broadcasting news in Ukrainian on 225Khz at 10:07 14:05 and 17:07 local time.

  2. Håkan Palin

    I feel admiration and pain when I follow thé struggle of thé brave and United Ukranian peopie. Beeing à Finn I recognize thé feeling to have been abandonned by thé international community as was Finland during thé Winter war 1939-1940 against thé same neighbour as you are now. I am listening to your transmission 6/3/2022 at 00.20.
    God bless your nation and your people.

    1. Mike N7MSD

      Have to amend myself: apparently it was off air before Feb 2nd due to funding cuts but back on air after that. The headline made it seem it was down due to the war but that would seem not to be the case yet?

      The Fog of War is like that…

  3. Julio Cesar Pereira

    I’ve just watched a video from a fellow radio listener who lives in north Italy with audio of Radio Ukraine 549kHz on facebook.


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