Ukraine: BBC adds two shortwave broadcasts, NEXUS adds MW service

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Andrea Borgnino (@aborgnino), who notes:

On shortwave, the BBC is adding 2 shortwave broadcasts to Ukraine on 5875 kHz from 8/10 UTC and on 15735 kHz from 2/4 UTC.

On medium wave, NEXUS- of Milan in Italy on 1323 kHz and proposes broadcasting for Eastern countries from 7/11 p.m. CET

Thank you for sharing this, Andrea.

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13 thoughts on “Ukraine: BBC adds two shortwave broadcasts, NEXUS adds MW service

  1. John Geracimos

    My understanding is that these frequencies are broadcasting the BBC World Service in English. If that is the case, it would seem to be a wasted effort. Particularly in Russia, English speakers there more likely are a relatively small minority and the ones already to realize the degree to which their government is lying to them. Hopefully, the BBC will be broadcasting in Russian (and in Ukrainian to Ukraine).

  2. Jason Bowen

    I just want to say thank you to the people that run BBC for recognizing the importance of shortwave as a medium to disseminate information. I shall try and find BBC on my receiver here in the US. Maybe this is a rebirth of shortwave?

  3. allen steel

    Every station on on the globe that still has high power shortwave capability. Needs to either swing their log periodic and tennis or connect to the rhombus. And blast the Soviet Union with millions of watts of RF, so much so that the entire HF becomes useless to their military. Ham operators in northern Europe need to fire up there 4 $ 6m transmitters. Detune them so that they create harmonics and Wipeout the Tactical VHF frequencies used by the Soviet Union. It is easier to knock out a receiver than it is a transmitter

  4. RickyGB.

    And they said shortwave is obsolete and not needed, they said the internet is the way to go for broadcasting radio stations, HOW WRONG THEY WERE, and this proves it, its very easy to cut the internet, but not so easy to block radio signals from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

  5. Andre

    It´s the moment when suddenly it´s obvious to veryone how stupid it is to dismantle AM/SW radio stations and antennas!

    1. Joubert Kristoffersen

      How very true your statement is. As soon as Gorbasjov appeared everybody thought that old media like AM and SW would become redundant and only be an added cost. SW and AM are the only media that will give relatively non-interruptible long-range reception.
      Joubert Kristoffersen
      Former station manager, Fredrikstad Short Wave Station, Norway

  6. Jim

    I wish to G*d the BBC didn’t turn off 12095 at 0729z every day – the schedules all list the frequency as continuing through to 0800z but it never does!

  7. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Great decision by the part of BBC. I’ve been following closely news about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the BBC WS has extended to 2 hours the duration of each episode of their daily show ‘Newshour’ which is broadcast live twice 13:00UTC and 20:00UTC.


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