CIDX: Focus on Ukraine

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Sheldon Harvey, who shares the following:

The Canadian International DX Club, Canada’s national radio monitoring club, has prepared a special 10-page feature article “Focus on Ukraine”, providing dozens of links to information sources on the conflict in Ukraine, including a lot of radio information. The feature is available through our webpage at

You can also request a free sample copy of the CIDX monthly publication “Messenger”. Simply send an e-mail to sample (at) cidxclub (dot) ca

As a member of the CIDX, I encourage you to check out this information page and also grab a sample of the CIDX newsletter for free. Become a member for as little as $10/year. Lots of great info in the Messenger!

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One thought on “CIDX: Focus on Ukraine

  1. Zacharias Liangas Focus on Ukraine notices – everyday updates
    Noticeboard in Evernote
    this is my personal update using various sources ,on which they were based -partially- to make the new update
    I spent a lot of time to make this notice board available


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