Mark seeks a vintage radio repair technician in the DC metro area

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark Irish, who writes:

Good afternoon Mr. Witherspoon,

Just wanted to follow up on a contact for fixing several shortwave radios from the primarily the 70s and 80s, preferably someone located in the DC Metropolitan area, Virginia or North Carolina. These would include the Zenith R-7000-2 and General Electric World Monitor P4990A. Is this something that you could post on your blog? If possible, please let me know either way.

Thank you,

Mark Irish

Great question, Mark! It’s difficult to find radio repair technicians these days. 

I have a couple of suggestions, but perhaps the SWLing Post community can comment with even more options!

You might check with Vlado at He has worked on some vintage solid state radios in the past–he’s located near Asheville, North Carolina.

Also, you might reach out to the National Capital Radio & TV Museum in Bowie, MD. They offer classes in radio repair and I imagine they would be the best source to find a technician in the DC Metro area.

Post readers: Please comment if you know of other resources for Mark!

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8 thoughts on “Mark seeks a vintage radio repair technician in the DC metro area

    1. Mark irish

      Thanks very much for reaching our. Do you know if this entity repairs shortwave transit type radios as well and where they are located? Thanks, Mark

    1. Mark Irish

      Thanks very much for responding I have contacted him. He does fix the Grundigs, but says he no longer repair the Zeniths, such as the R-7000, which is in the photograph or GE World Monitor. So if you have any other recommendations, please let me know. Thank you again, Mark


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