NIB Zenith Trans-Oceanic fetches $3,050 on eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who shares a link to this recent listing of an NIB (New In Box) Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 7000Y R-7000-1 that fetched $3.050 on eBay. Dan believes this may be a record price for this model.

Admittedly, it’s not often you see a Trans-Oceanic in this pristine condition:

Many thanks for sharing this, Dan!

I’m curious: How many here would fork out several thousand dollars for a vintage portable like the Trans-Oceanic–? This is truly a museum piece and I would love it, of course, but that’s a lot more money than I could allocate and stay happily married. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “NIB Zenith Trans-Oceanic fetches $3,050 on eBay

  1. Norm

    Someone gave my father one of these when it was a few months old. It got me into shortwave when I was a teenager. I recently picked it up from my mother’s basement. It still works quite well. I sure wouldn’t pay that much for one though.

  2. Matt Todd

    An older transoceanic model that I got from my grandfather was my first showrtwave radio and what really got me into it. Unfortunately it was taken in a house break in. I wish I still had that to play around with.

  3. Mario

    My Dad bought me the 1000 model back in the ’60s and I remember the 7000 being the top of the line and the most expensive model. It’s amazing what people have stored away, unused, for decades. This is one great story, thanks for sharing.

  4. Harry

    Doesnt compare with getting a used one at a hamfest that has a previous owner’s name, DL and SS# deeply etched into the handle and also brushed aluminum surface. Oh well, it plays very nicely. Harry N9CQX

  5. Barry Bogart

    I had one of these. Not pristine when I got it at a hamfest. Some fool had replaced the vol cntrl with a pot with no switch. So he put a toggle on/off replacing the jack on the back! So I’d insist on NIB, unused, unmodified.

  6. Mark

    Wouldn’t do it, I’d rather have one for few hundred at the most in good condition.

    Still, if you have lots of cash and into the hobby and this kind of money is nothing to you then fair enough lol.

  7. MIke in Knoxville

    Wow – that’s a nice specimen, but I’ll stick with mine that I paid around $100 for several years ago. I re-capped it and cleaned the potentiometers, though the volume has become noisy again. Powerful audio, with a gargantuan antenna, and it weighs plenty.

  8. Dan Robinson

    This price is WAY high for 7000-1 even in this condition. Have to wonder if the buyer followed through.


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