Dave spots a Realistic PRO-16 in WKRP episode

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave (N9EWO), who shares the following:

“WKRP In Cincinnati” – “Tornado” S01 E12 (February 1979)

“The station staff finds themselves in danger when Herb unplugs a teleprinter just as it is receiving a local tornado warning.”

Look for the Radio Shack Realistic PRO-16 (cat no. 20-165) scanner receiver at 35:15 in this dual episode “Internet Archive” video. A Midland 13-902 weather radio sits on top of the PRO-16 scanner.

Dave Zantow N9EWO
Janesville WI

Sharp eyes there, Dave!  Thank you for sharing this! WKRP is classic!

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3 thoughts on “Dave spots a Realistic PRO-16 in WKRP episode

  1. Dave Mason

    Love this show (still do). I spent a few years at WKR-C in Cincinnati (Radio and TV) and have always been asked about those days. Many wonder when I mention Cincinnati, “was it WKR-P?” . . Well the truth is – no p, only “C”. In my first couple of weeks there, Bobby Leach (a co-worker) and I were at The Rookwood Pottery, a local (excellent) restaurant having dinner when we spotted a familiar face at the bar. It turns out Gary Sandy (“Travis”) from WKRP was in Cincinnati as part of a local theater group. He was very cordial as we intruded on his post-show beverage, and just added to the wonder of -not only that show, but the wonder of what what turned out to be a great time in my career. The characters at WKRP weren’t unlike those I worked with at full-service (and #1 at the time) WKR-C – so we all knew what it was like.

  2. Steve

    That also looks like an authentic Associated Press teleprinter (teletype) with the “Associated” cut off.


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