Squeezeboxes on shortwave

Hi SWLing Post community, Fastradioburst23 here letting you know about two transmissions of  WELK, another installment of the imaginary radio stations show to be broadcast this weekend and next by the good folks at WRMI.

The first transmission is on Sunday 3rd July 2022 then Sunday 10th July 2022 both at 2200 utc on 9395 kHz. If you love all things accordian and squeezebox based you’ll love these broadcasts!

The audio of the first broadcast is available here.

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7 thoughts on “Squeezeboxes on shortwave

  1. DJ Frederick

    We’re just trying to create some joy on the airwaves during difficult times, and celebrating the medium of shortwave radio.

  2. Dan

    Have you ever listened to the shows this user plugs? Oh my goodness, they’re wonderful!

    Funny because one of the main reasons I keep swling in the RSS is because I like to follow the many interesting offerings on shortwave and this site is the epicenter of all of the good stuff.

    Hate to disagree but if anything I want more of this! Thanks fastradioburst23!

    1. Fastradioburst23 Post author

      Thanks for the support Dan. Yes Thomas and SWLing post is the epicenter of all great things shortwave. Whatever some people may say, shortwave is not dead. Long live the shortwaves!

  3. Barry

    I like receiving all the information about shows on shortwave. It’s another opportunity for me to listen rather than tune around aimlessly. Thank you!

  4. Abigail

    I normally like the posts on this site from Thomas and guest contributors and follow it on my RSS feed reader. However, these increasingly regular promotional posts from “Fastradioburst23” are of little value or interest and appear to be being posted directly by the promoter themselves rather than Thomas. Why does this individual have access to post advertisements for their broadcasts here? I’d rather see this site publish interesting news, comment, reviews etc rather than promotions for “yet another hour long broadcast via WBCQ/WRMI/292 etc”.

    1. Thomas

      Hi, Abigail,

      At the SWLing Post I’m all about promoting the medium of shortwave, the technology in our hobby, the history, and of course content.

      You might notice we plug numerous independent shows here to celebrate the diversity of what we can tune to on the airwaves. I gave Fastradioburst23 an account because they had been faithfully sending me promotions for so many of these amazing broadcasts. I trust them. And the shows they promote? They’re not out to make money. They’re out there to have fun on the airwaves and add a little good clean spice! A break from some of the ubiquitous broadcasters I receive so many complaints about (yes, Overcomer).

      I also love plugging Bill Tilford’s many broadcasts, Radio North Europe International, VORW, and so many, many others.

      I would just skip the articles that interest you less, or set up your RSS feed to auto archive posts with key words of programs you’d rather not see.



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