The new Alinco DJ-X100 wideband receiver

It appears that Alinco will soon introduce a new wideband handheld receiver covering 30 to 470MHz. I first learned about this during Ham Fair 2022 in Tokyo via’s Twitter account.  That Twitter account lead me to the website where I translated the details into English via Google Translate:

On August 20, 2022, Alinco Co., Ltd. released the DJ-X100 handheld wideband receiver that supports WFM/FM/AM in analog mode and C4FM/D-STAR/DCR/NXDN/DMR in digital mode. , Announced at the company’s booth (B-17) at Ham Fair 2022. The reception frequency range is 30 to 470MHz (some frequencies are excluded), the external dimensions are 58W x 110H x 32.5mm, and the weight including the antenna and battery pack is about 260g. The price is undecided and it is scheduled to be released in early spring 2023.

This isn’t an HF receiver, but it will be interesting to those who enjoy monitoring many of the digital voice modes in those frequencies. It’s one of the few receivers I’ve seen that can decode both DMR and D-Star among others modes. 

Check out for more details (in Japanese).

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16 thoughts on “The new Alinco DJ-X100 wideband receiver

  1. John VE3IPS

    Frequency range is limited compared to the Icom R30 BUT it has some cool features and new software tools

    Japanese Domestic Market
    John VE3IPS

    Still a useful scanner

  2. Piggly

    The data for the x100 also suggests that it will do some interesting things for marine vhf, including AIS.

  3. Mike N7MSD

    Is this a joke? Is it April 1st already? If not, this is the reason Alinco was supposed to be going out of business! The specs seem to make it out as an HT without transmit capability.

    via Google Translate:
    “We deliberately omitted the functions that existing models use, such as “simultaneous 2 bands”, “SSB/CW”, “shortwave/AM broadcast reception”, and “eavesdropping device detection function”, to refine the individuality of the “new flagship model”.

    Seriously, WTF?!? I’m really hoping the translation is wrong. And 30-470 MHz is “wide band” now when a cheap Realtek SDR dongle does to beyond 1700 MHz? Come on!

    This is why Alinco was supposed to be going out of business. It will be still-born.

  4. Bob

    I own a DX-R8T which I’m pleased with so no aversion to Alinco gear. This receiver lools tempting and certainly a better buy than the AOR-DV10 trainwreck. It unfortunately has too narrow a frequency range as some digital systems operate above 500MHz.

    The lack of LF, HF and SSB are bad omissions which would have made this receiver competitive with an Icom R30.

  5. madmax2069

    You would think that they would have tossed in SSB support as well, as 2m and 70cm do have SSB frequencies, and many of the lower frequencies do use SSB. I mean it already supports AM so SSB shouldn’t have been too much of an ask. I area has quite a bit of SSB traffic, to not include it is an oversight.

  6. KPC

    interesting ,
    what frequencies between 30 and 470 are excluded?

    May be useful for some if it could be made go a bit below 30 MHz, perhaps to 26 or 28MHz (to at least take in the 10m band).
    Frequency coverage stopping at 470MHz max is not much of an issue in my part of the world, with digital TV above 470 .

  7. Lou

    While the frequency range leaves me scratching my head, this has the potential of being an excellent replacement for the Icom R30 that has been discontinued.

    The biggest complaint everyone has about the R30 is the lack of DMR decoding capabilities. This will be a day one purchase for me. Plenty of stuff to listen to even without public safety/trunking support.

    I see a GPS icon in the picture. Fingers crossed there is Bluetooth audio/control as well.

    1. John

      I’m reconciled to Icom never getting on board with DMR, they must have their reasons.

      Hoping Icom releases another iteration of the IC-R30, or a follow-up wide band receiver, maybe with a color screen etc…
      The IC-R30 is one great little radio, does everything really well.

      I agree with you re the DJ-X100’s frequency coverage, plenty to listen to there.

    2. madmax2069

      I wonder if it supports 1.25m, I want to bet that is one of the excluded frequencies. I’d be surprised if it does cover 1.25m.

    3. madmax2069

      The only thing that the radio doesn’t seem to have is SSB, and in my area there is a lot of SSB traffic on 2m and 70cm, as well as lower bands.

  8. John

    Something I did note re the DJ-X100 wideband receiver, it has a USB C connector.

    At long last, USB C connectors make an appearance in amateur radio!?

  9. John

    This looks very interesting, good looking radio too.

    I’m glad Alinco is still in the game.

    Bought an Alinco DJ-X11T a while back when it was on sale at HRO, it’s a fantastic little wideband receiver.

    Fingers crossed for this one being a good performer.


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