12 thoughts on “Grab a new Eton Elite Executive at Woot for $79.99

  1. john

    That was quick, my Eton Elite Executive arrived about an hour ago.

    Beautiful looking radio, currently listening to VOA Africa from WRMI at 15770 kHz.

    1. John

      Oops, for some reason I conflated Eton with Grundig.

      A little internet search revealed this though:

      Are Eton and Grundig the same company?

      “Eton is independent of Grundig Germany and is a licensee for Grundig AG shortwave radios in the North American markets, as well as certain markets outside of North America except EEC markets,” explained a news release issued shortly after Grundig’s April bankruptcy by the Palo Alto, California-based radio firm.Jan 1, 2004

  2. John

    Thanks for the heads-up K3LU!

    Snapped one up.

    Interesting, I know Woot is owned by Amazon but there was no tax added…

    1. David

      Interesting… Tax -was- added to my order, perhaps because I logged in using my Amazon credentials instead of creating a separate Woot account?

      No complaints, though – still an excellent deal!

      1. John

        Hi David,

        Weird, I logged into Woot using my Amazon account too (I have an Amazon Prime account) and wasn’t charged tax or shipping. I wonder if it depends what state your residence is?

        I notice at the Woot site they’re now sold out.
        Amazon is still listing the radio for $195.48, so agree, it’s a great deal.

        Just got confirmation of shipping by email.

    1. Dave

      Got my Elite Friday so impressed with its performance could not be happier! Nice addition to my shortwave radio collection! Radio!


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