Video: Dan Unboxes a New-In-Box Watkins Johnson WJ 8711A

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who shares the following video:

Click here to view on YouTube.

Dan, I’m not sure how you find these things, but wow! I know you had a lot of fun unboxing this NIB WJ 8711A! How amazing it is to turn on a radio like this that’s been in the original box for two decades!  I hope you have a lot of fun with it on the air. Thank you for sharing!

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14 thoughts on “Video: Dan Unboxes a New-In-Box Watkins Johnson WJ 8711A

  1. Walt

    As a physician, I couldn’t help but cringe with you using that Exacto knife razor. Seen too many deep lacerations as a result! Still, love the radio. Closest I ever came was a Ten-Tec 340.

  2. Mario

    It’s amazing all of the items that were purchased new, stored away and never used. When these vintage items are put up for sale there’s always someone whose dreams are fulfilled by becoming the new owner. I wish you many happy listening hours with your new vintage receiver Dan.

  3. jack dully

    Dan,thanks for your down home reviews.Have Lots O Fun with your new toy and Enjoy ! Spendid upgrade from your Eton Elite Satelitt which can make an excellant doorstop and conversation piece,all in one.

  4. 13dka

    Happy New (!) Radio Day, Dan! On very rare occasions like this I’m glad that my very restricted space prevents impulse purchases, like that other 4k€ 19″ chonker I’d otherwise really like to have. 🙂


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