Carlos’ Shortwave Art and recording of FEBC (December 28, 2022)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor and noted political cartoonist, Carlos Latuff, who shares his radio log art of a recent NHK World broadcast.

Carlos’ goal is to vividly illustrate the broadcaster’s message in his own unique artistic style and is not a reflection of his own beliefs or those of the SWLing Post. His objective is for his artwork to add historical context and put a visual with the news, reporting, and broadcast content:

Carlos notes:

Listening in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, on shortwave frequency of 12095 kHz, US-based Cold War-era evangelical radio station FEBC, broadcasting from The Philippines to Hmong mountain tribes.

Click here to view on YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Carlos’ Shortwave Art and recording of FEBC (December 28, 2022)

  1. Tim Brockett

    I am very thankful for stations like FEBC that bring the words of Jesus to people around the world. Listening is a choice and FEBC is providing a valuable service. Ever since I acknowledged that Jesus walked beside me my life has improved. He loves me, He protects me and He brings me peace of mind. I have seen Him work wonders in the lives of those who allow Him to enter their hearts. The Hmong mountain people are blessed to be able to hear His words. May God bless them, the folks at FEBC, and all who have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

    1. TomL

      Likewise. I would add that FEBC is a completely donor funded non-profit and does NOT receive any money from “Uncle Sam”. If FEBC’s agendas and/or priorities dovetail with “Uncle Sam”, it is purely out of cultural affinity going back to the “Cold War” era. The world is moving towards a multi-polar geopolitical construct with many conflicts arising. In this sense, I disagree with Carlos using a Bible in the hand of “Uncle Sam”. The current government despises the Bible because it reminds government that there are limitations to its lust for power and control. FEBC will have to change and adapt as “Uncle Sam” loses power and control overseas.


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