Balázs spots radios in “The Last of Us” Episode 1

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Balázs Kovács, who writes:

Hi Thomas,

Some radios from the first episode of the new post apocalyptic (video game adaptation) series “The Last of Us”.

with best regards,

Great catch!  Thank you for sharing this with us, Balázs! These images are pretty dark, but I bet some readers will be able to ID some of those radios in the background!

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3 thoughts on “Balázs spots radios in “The Last of Us” Episode 1

  1. Dan Robinson

    Yes, the SAT 700 appeared for a long, long time in this show, much longer than any radio I have ever seen appear in any movie. At one point, some audio comes from the speaker of the radio, though likely not actually from the receiver but on the sound track. This is a great appearance of a classic portable!

    1. Jon

      Great radio for program listening, but not so great for DXing and manual band-scanning, IMO. Sure, it deserves the “classic” designation, but sadly its utility for the shortwave bands is limited today.


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