Wlodek repairs a Grundig G3

Our friend, Wlodek (US7IGN), who was recently featured in a BBC Radio 4 documentary, has been repairing radios throughout the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A few weeks ago, he received a Grundig G3 from Charles (KC8VWM)–it was in need of repair. Wlod immediately cracked the case open and started diagnosing the problem!

Click here to read his blog post detailing the review.

Grundig G3 Globe Traveller

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5 thoughts on “Wlodek repairs a Grundig G3

  1. jack dully

    Working on your G-3 is a worthwhile task.I still have one in great shape,in and out.Going back 8-9 years ago it was my main travel radio and I enjoyed its quality and features.As you said the “Sync” was tempermental,especially with weak stations but other than that a real good performer.I still use it as my wake-up radio.I used longer dipoles 60′ and it did not overload as far as I could tell.From Pa. in the States I could hear Australia & New Zealand with clear audio.I once heard a live horse race from “Down Under” territory.Good Luck with your G-3 and enjoy it’s a keeper

  2. Robert Richmond

    The G3 sync circuit will likely continue to drift over time, or at least mine does. I gave up trying to keep the sync tuning set, as “ECSS” via SSB works if truly needed, so largely a “whatever” IMO.

  3. Aubrey J. Young

    Agreed. I have enjoyed SWL and AMDXING since I was sixteen years of age due to a Christmas present back in the 1960. At the age of seventy, still a nightly endeavor .

    Be Well,


  4. Eric Richards

    While this gentleman is restoring radios against substantial odds so Ukrainians can hear news and events from the rest of the world, the BBC and other world news organizations continue to demolish their remaining presence on shortwave.



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