Pavel’s Belka photos and poster

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pavel, who shares the following message and images. Note that this message was originally sent to me prior to Christmas, but never arrived in my inbox. Thank you, Pavel, for the follow-up:

Hi Thomas,

First of all, I wish you and your entire family and all blog readers a wonderful rest of the Christmas holidays, all the best for the new year 2023, lots of health and well-being and many beautiful moments listening to the radio.

Some time ago I became the owner of the last type of Belky. I’m excited about her. So I immediately made an advertising poster with my wife and Belka :-).

I made a small docking station for the Belka – it has a built-in stereo amplifier, speakers and a battery with a charging circuit and a Dc-Dc converter for emergency charging of the Belka in the field. The status of the battery is indicated by LEDs. The Belka holder itself is made on a 3D printer.

Maybe it can serve as inspiration for blog readers.


Pavel Kraus

Thank you for sharing this, Pavel. We all love both your creativity not only in your photos, but the amazing radios you produce. We love how you use your wife as your model in your work!

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8 thoughts on “Pavel’s Belka photos and poster

  1. Steve Allen

    Very nice speaker/charger assembly for the little squirrel. The 3D printed radio stand is well done. The Belka-DX is my favorite SW radio.
    Steve, KZ4TN

  2. TomL

    Is your wife a Spy??? Did not know they could be married! (haha)

    Really great power station for the little Belka, should somehow be marketed by them. Maybe you could strike a deal with the clever genius from Belarus?

    From what I understand, “belka” in Russian means “squirrel”. Somehow, belka sounds a lot better!

  3. Damian G4LHT

    Traveling to India soon, but not enough time
    to go through the torturous application to get
    a reciprocal license (7 weeks minimum for a start) so a little worried about taking mine to Goa as it looks like a spy device. Might opt for the Tecsun instead. Inventive extras, his XYL adds to it very nicely.

    1. mangosman

      All India Radio has over 36 very high powered medium frequency Digital Radio Mondiale
      You might like to keep your eyes and ears open for DRM radios. They are being installed in new cars without additional charges. There is currently 5.5 million cars produced between 2017 and now, however the number of installations is rapidly rising.


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