Sony portable spotted in “The Gods Must Be Crazy”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ben-Zion, who writes:

I love your website and wanted to contribute a radio in cinema sighting from the 1980 South African film The Gods Must Be Crazy.

I look forward to your readers feedback regarding this SONY unit.

Kind Regards.


Thanks for the tip! Oh I do love that particular Sony model! Can anyone ID it? 

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4 thoughts on “Sony portable spotted in “The Gods Must Be Crazy”

  1. Mario

    As an aside, there is one episode of The Munsters where Herman is a ham op and uses some Hollywood- concocted version of a ham radio. Hilarious!

    1. Michael Black

      I think QST had a picture at the time. I’m thinking something like an S-38 with a microohone attached, but maybe that was some other show.

      Shows and movies often use whatever is on hand, or looks good.


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