Pete discovers a Dieter Rams T 1000 Weltempfaenger at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pete Madtone, who writes:

I took a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday on my day off and whilst browsing the galleries spotted this wonderful radio (pics attached)! It was in the Design 1900 to Now display (Room 61) if any of the readers fancies having a look. Talk about a lovely radio, it’s even got a BFO and a range of 3 telescopic antennas!

What do you think? I’d love to own one of those.

I’d love to own one as well! Those Braun T 1000s are simply gorgeous. They fetch top dollar on the market as well. 

Thank you for sharing this, Pete! One more reason to visit the V&A Museum!

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7 thoughts on “Pete discovers a Dieter Rams T 1000 Weltempfaenger at the Victoria and Albert Museum

  1. Mario

    Thank you for posting. Beautiful example of electronic architecture. If I was a radio, that’s what I’d wanna’ look like.

  2. US7IGN

    Never heard of such a receiver. I still regret that I didn’t buy some similar radio that stood on the window in a hotel in Istanbul and seemed to be just a decoration …

  3. Larry Thompson

    Anyone know what the receiver’s performance was like? Sensitivity, ability to pickup DX,etc. It always looked pretty, but could it perform. I grew up in Cincinnati and had several, chances to spin the dials of this receiver as a teenager. Back in the 60’s, it was about $1000, which was too rich for my blood. But I got the next best, the Nordemende Globetrotter with a teak exterior case. Took it to Europe and Africa. Incredible performer and had tremendous audio and fidelity. With the teak case, it looked beautiful on a bookcase, rather than a ham radio.

    1. Pekka J. Poutiainen

      Pretty one, but not the same level as was Grundig Satellit 208(Transistor 6000) or its improved 210 (Transistor 6001) from late 1960´s. Legendary engineer R.R.Laine had tested all the top portable special receivers 1969 on Tekniikan Maailma magazine. I have a lots of top portable special rx´s from 1960´s to 1970´s – many Grundig and a few Nordmende Globetrotters – including rare Sony CRF-160 ! Yeah, I have some Braun too left – similar as on T520 was on with me as I was on a special service on army radar station next to a Rovaniemi airport – yes, Artic Circle area ! That was a summer 1968. I have also rare big Telefunken Atlanta 101.

  4. Kenny_C

    i sure miss that generation of electronics, just a very short time during the solid state electronics boom after the invention of the transistor, in the mid 1960’s those early portable shortwaves were awesome pieces of engineering yet remained beautifully artistic, i was a child and up thru my teens in that era, thanks


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