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Pete discovers a Dieter Rams T 1000 Weltempfaenger at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pete Madtone, who writes:

I took a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum yesterday on my day off and whilst browsing the galleries spotted this wonderful radio (pics attached)! It was in the Design 1900 to Now display (Room 61) if any of the readers fancies having a look. Talk about a lovely radio, it’s even got a BFO and a range of 3 telescopic antennas!


What do you think? I’d love to own one of those.

I’d love to own one as well! Those Braun T 1000s are simply gorgeous. They fetch top dollar on the market as well. 

Thank you for sharing this, Pete! One more reason to visit the V&A Museum!

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eBay Find: The Dieter Rams Braun T1000CD

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Cap Tux, who shares this eBay find: a Dieter Rams Braun T1000CD.

I must say, £675.00 is a lot of money, but I’m not so sure it’s an inflated price for the Braun T1000CD. I believe I’ve seen them fetch even higher prices and the condition of this unit is excellent.

Here’s the seller’s description:

I bought this radio from an Italian colleague in 1983 when I worked in Nigeria. I am the second owner from new. It has been dry stored in a box at my home for for most of the last 35 years. It is in very excellent condition with only the most minor blemishes to the case. Comes with original paper work and circuit diagram numbered the same at the radio. Please see all the photos. I had this serviced and realigned by Graham at East Coast Wireless. I have just checked all the controls and apart from the dial light they all work.

I’m sure a Dieter Rams collector will grab this unit in short order. Frankly, if I had the radio funds for such a purchase, I’d be tempted. I don’t own a single Rams’ designed radio.

Thanks again, Cap! One of the great things about eBay is finding the occasional gem like this and simply admiring the design.

Click here to view this listing on eBay.

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Rams: a teaser trailer

(Source: Vimeo via David Korchin)

A short teaser for the documentary RAMS, about legendary German designer Dieter Rams. A film by Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, Objectified, Urbanized), with original music by Brian Eno.


For over fifty years, Dieter Rams has left an indelible mark on the field of product design and the world at large with his iconic work at Braun and Vitsoe. The objects Dieter has designed have touched the lives of millions of people––so many of us have had a Braun coffeemaker, shaver, stereo, calculator, speakers, or alarm clock. Or an Oral-B toothbrush. Or a Vitsoe 606 shelving system. Or any of the hundreds of other products Dieter has designed or overseen the design of. His work has influenced the way most of today’s consumer products look and function.

But one of the most interesting parts of Dieter’s story is that he now looks back on his career with some regret. “If I had to do it over again, I would not want to be a designer,” he has said. “There are too many unnecessary products in this world.” He has long been an advocate for the ideas of environmental consciousness and long-lasting products. RAMS is a design documentary, but it’s also a rumination on consumerism, materialism, and sustainability. Dieter’s philosophy is about more than just design, it’s a about a way to live. It’s about getting rid of distractions and visual clutter, and just living with what you need.

The film is currently in production as will be released later in 2018.

Click here to view on Vimeo.

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Pristine Condition Braun T-1000 Receiver Appears on Ebay

The German industrial designer Dieter Rams is world renowned for his beautiful and functional product designs, including the Braun T-1000 portable receiver.

These fine, collectable receivers appear on Ebay regularly, but this one is in pristine shape:

The asking price is a cool $1,800 USD, but for the near mint condition of this T-1000 it is likely appropriate; perhaps the new owner will acquire it for a “Best Offer” price. Other T-1000s on Ebay currently are priced from $370 to $1,299.

Of course, the cost is in-line with a collectable value; functionally, it’s reception abilities are almost certainly surpassed by a modestly priced SDRPlay RSP1 or a vintage Sony ICF-2010 for instance. The radio aficionado interested in the 55 year old T-1000 is not expecting best-in-class reception, but the chance to own a recognized icon of industrial design (the T-1000 is in NYC’s Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection).

Click here for the Ebay auction of the Braun T-1000: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAUN-T1000-GERMAN-GRUNDIG-SATELLIT-LIKE-SW-TRANSISTOR-RADIO-NEAR-MINT-/201891688853

Guy Atkins is a Sr. Graphic Designer for T-Mobile and lives near Seattle, Washington.  He’s a regular contributor to the SWLing Post.

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eBay find: The Braun T-1000

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David Korchin (K2WNW), for sharing a link to this Braun T-1000 on eBay.

With two days left on the auction and already 73 bids, I believe David is correct in assuming this radio might fetch upward of 900 Euro. Braun models certainly tend to fetch premium prices. The T-1000 is possibly my favorite Braun portable and I certainly wish I had one. I love Dieter Rams’ designs.

Note that shipping seems very modest at 6 Euro worldwide via DHL.  I would check on that pricing prior to bidding if outside of Europe. This seller has a 100% rating with over 400 transactions on eBay. Again, thanks for the tip, David!

Click here to view on eBay.

Any lucky SWLing Post readers own a T-1000? I’d love a review!

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CL find: A Braun “Slim-Line” A-301 amplifier and T-301 receiver


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul, who shares this link to a post on Craig’s List and asks:

“Interesting shortwave tuner, designed by Dieter Rams. Anybody know anything about this?”

I was not familiar with the Braun A-301 and T-301, but I know there are a few SWLing Post readers who are big fans of Braun gear and Rams’ designs. Perhaps someone can comment? If you’re a Braun collector and live in the DC area, this may be worth checking out.

Here’s the full description from CraigsList:

This is a Braun amp/tuner combo from the 80’s in excellent condition. It includes the A-301 integrated amplifier and the T-301 AM/FM/SW tuner designed by Dieter Rams. Both units have been converted to 110 Volt, but only the amp has an American power plug. The tuner will be supplied with an adaptor. This is the last series manufactured in Germany, called “Slim-line”. The amp was recently serviced by Musical Technology in Springfield, bad capacitors were changed out and crystallized solder connections were redone.

This A-301 amp uses DIN connectors for inputs and one will be supplied with the unit. The tuner has a captive DIN connector, and if you wish to use it with other amps, you will have to get a female DIN to RCA plug adaptor. It works fine with this amp, though. This analog tuner has FM (UKW), AM (MW) and SW bands as well as 5 manual presets.

All metal construction with excellent design and ergonomics. Not a huge amount of power, only 42 watts, but very good sound, excellent extended bass and a very captivating midrange for a solid-state amp. Unusual balance control with a variable loudness contour. Tuner is also unusual, with a shortwave section as well as sensitive FM and AM bands. Overall, very good sound.

I will also supply one set of DIN speaker connectors without wires, although this amp has 2 sets of outputs. I will also supply a set of 2-prong DIN speaker plugs, but they are not capable of accepting large speaker wires. If you wish to use larger gauge wire, you will have to find larger plugs (available on Ebay).

More info on this amp can be found at Radiomuseum here:


Tuner info:


I can demo these units for any serious purchaser.

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eBay sighting: Braun “Wall Unit” by Dieter Rams


Dieter Rams’ office with mounted Wall Unit. (Source: Campsite studio)

Many thank to my buddy, David Korchin (K2WNW), who sent the following eBay link:

Dieter Rams masterpiece Braun “Wall Unit” Wandanlage TS45 TG502 reel L470 PCS5

While I love Dieter Rams’ designs, and no doubt this is a very rare piece in “almost perfect shape,” it is certainly well-beyond my budget at $11,000 US plus $600 shipping.

Fullscreen capture 862015 13210 PM

Admittedly, though, if I were building a modern house and wanted a feature piece of functional artwork, the Braun Wall Unit may very well fit the bill. Most of Rams’ designs certainly seem to hold or increase in value over time.

For now, I’ll just admire this design from a distance. Curious if it’ll fetch its BuyItNow price. Thanks again for sharing this one, David!

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