Wlodek repairs a near mint Sony ICF-SW7600

Sony ICF-SW7600 (Source: Universal Radio)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Wlodek, who has been quite busy repairing vintage receivers and ham radio gear during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Wlod’s neighborhood in Kiev experiences frequent blackouts, thus much of his soldering work must be done while mains power is available.

Wlod just shared the following video documenting a recent repair he did on a new-old-stock Sony ICF-SW7600.

Wlod notes:

One of [my last repairs] was new old stock Sony ICF-SW7600 restoration. One guy watched my past videos and wanted one for himself. I don’t know where he found it in such excellent external condition, but age and typical problems require it to be prophylaxis.

The first turn on and it does not receive the station at all. These receivers have a known problem of leaking electrolytic capacitors. They also need to be alignment.

I demonstrate how to safely remove old capacitors.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Wlod! What a beautiful portable in near mint condition! 

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5 thoughts on “Wlodek repairs a near mint Sony ICF-SW7600

  1. Guy Atkins

    I love seeing Wlodek using the “twist top” method of removing and desoldering faulty SMD electrolytic caps! I use this approach myself, in rescueing ICF-SW77 receivers and others. When done carefully it is NOT destructive to the circuit traces like other heavy-handed techniques seen on YouTube.

    Congrats on keeping another fine portable out of the trash heap!

  2. john

    Hi Wlodek,

    Thanks for that very informative video!

    Please be safe, I know Ukraine and Ukrainians are very much in everyone’s thoughts here in the US.

    I hope 2023 will bring an independent and free Ukraine.

  3. john

    I have a couple ICF-7600s I’ve kept in mint condition with original boxes etc.

    Had a third one I’d owned for a while and gave to a family member who completely trashed it within six months, so lesson learned there.

    The curious thing with my two ICF-7600s is they still retain their time setting when changing batteries despite their age.

    On the other hand, with my ICF-SW100S and ICF-SW07, both no longer maintain the time settings when swapping out exhausted batteries for fresh ones, despite being newer radios.


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