Alan Roe’s A23 season guide to music on shortwave (version 1.1)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who shares his A-23 (version 1.1) season guide to music on shortwave. Alan provides this amazing resource as a free PDF download:

Click here to download Music on Shortwave A-23 v1.1 (PDF)

Thank you for sharing your excellent guide, Alan!

This dedicated page will always have the latest version of Alan’s guide available for download.

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7 thoughts on “Alan Roe’s A23 season guide to music on shortwave (version 1.1)

  1. Jake

    ‘I would appreciate a note to my email address confirming where this list has been copied/reproduced.’
    Alan, your email address isn’t listed in the document. I hope I can catch you here.

    Thank you for putting it together, it’s very helpful

    Is WRMI Legends at 0400-0500 or 0500-0600 daily? I was listening today at 0545

    1. Alan Roe

      Hi Jake
      Thank you for bringing my attention to WRMI Legends 0400-0500/0500-0600. The WRMI program schedule is (as is often the case) a little contradictory: the graphic frequency schedule at the top of their schedule page shows WRMI Legends at 0500-0600, whilst the “System” schedules following show it at 0400-0500. As you heard it at 0545, then it looks like the graphic schedule is correct. So, many thanks for the update, and I will correct it in the next version, (and you’ll see your name in the credits!).
      By the way – my email address is near the top of the front page (4th line down) 🙂
      Thanks again


    I’d like to thank Alan for doing this PDF, I can now look forward to listening on shortwave bands, I’m an avid listener on MW/SW and listen as much as possible, day and night, love this blog, it’s a mind of information on all things radio, thanks again, for good topics on radio.


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