AWA Video: HCJB “High in the Andes”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark (AE2EA), who writes: 

Good Morning Thomas,

The Antique Wireless Museum has just released a video of a presentation
by AWA member Rich Place about his time working at HCJB, The Voice of
the Andes. I thought your SWLing members might be interested.

Click here to view on YouTube.

AWA member and RF engineer Rich Place, WB2JLR, made multiple trips to
Ecuador to work at the HCJB transmitter and he relates his experiences
with some of the unique challenges associated with operating a high
power shortwave transmitter at a high, dry elevation, in a remote
location near Quito Ecuador.

73, Mark ~ AE2EA

Thank you for the tip, Mark!

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3 thoughts on “AWA Video: HCJB “High in the Andes”

  1. Roger Fitzharris

    I too remember listening to the voice of the Andes over the decades, starting in the late 1950s and through the 1990s. Fond recollections of a few of those broadcasts. Thank you RP for this very interesting video. There is something in it for everyone. Not just the engineering, but the humanity of radio really comes through.
    I didn’t think I wanted to invest 45 minutes of my time in this video, but I’m glad I did — and would highly recommend viewing it.
    One final observation: changes in cultural norms and advances in technology have radically changed the communications landscape, but what once was — was truly magical.

  2. Jerome van der Linden

    Thank you: watched and listened to the whole lot. I remember strong signals from HCJB on 9745 around 0700 UTC in the early 70s. A shame that they had to shift for the new airport. Reach beyond Australia is no where nearly as significant a broadcaster, but I guess that’s what happens when the Internet and other means of communications takes the place of SW radio.
    I do wonder what HCJB (& others) have done with their old SW transmitters…


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