Alan Roe’s A23 season guide to music on shortwave (version 5.0)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who shares his A-23 (version 5.0) season guide to music on shortwave. Alan provides this amazing resource as a free PDF download:

Click here to download Music on Shortwave A-23 v5 (PDF)

As always, thank you for sharing your excellent guide, Alan!

This dedicated page will always have the latest version of Alan’s guide available for download.

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2 thoughts on “Alan Roe’s A23 season guide to music on shortwave (version 5.0)

  1. Lakshmi

    How to find target area’s in this guide? I am new to this guide. I did not find any target area codes.


    1. Larry Deyoe

      I can help with WRMI at least. I host Over The Horizon Radio (OTH Radio) on WRMI. I can give you a little help on target areas and reception reports I’ve received on the frequencies WRMI broadcasts the show on. I send out unique EQSL Cards based on those “target areas.”

      You can find WRMI’s target areas on their website, at:

      Search for “schedule” and the “target areas” are listed there for all 11 transmitters in degrees from Okeechobee, Florida and their general target areas. Their 12th transmitter is still down to Africa, due to damage from Hurricane Ian.)

      If you have problems finding the target areas, here’s a “quick guide” to some of their target areas, based on the frequencies OTH Radio is sent out on.

      5850 KHz: North America (however I’ve received EQSL card signal reports from China and India from 5850… so it can be heard quite far in good ionospheric conditions.

      7780 KHz: Australia/New Zealand.

      9395 KHz: North America, (Europe over the North Pole) and as far into the Pacific Ocean as New Zealand sometimes. 9395 KHz has a terrific signal.

      9955 KHz: Caribbean/Central & South America.

      15770 KHz/ Europe/North Africa/Middle East. (I’ve received signal reports here from eastern North America, The Azores & Namibia, in SW Africa.

      Hope that helps a little at least.

      Best Wishes,



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