Frans improves connections to his Hurricane Transmitter

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Frans Goddijn, who writes:

Here’s a little follow up on what I did earlier with the little Hurricane transmitter.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Before I had an ‘indirect’ connection between antenna-OUT of the transmitter and the radio as I had two insulated wires , one from the transmitter, one from the radio, taped close to one another.

Now I first tried a direct coax cable from transmitter-OUT antenna to receiver-IN antenna. That worked well if I took care to not amplify the incoming signal too much.

Next I made a one-off three-way antenna switch into an all-three-way connector.

Then I sent sound/music (by Joe Frank) from the iPhone to the transmitter, to all three radios.

I first listened to each radio and in the end had all three playing the sound.

A pleasant way to listen to some of my favourites!

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I love this, Frans! And what a great music selection to test the new setup! Thank you for sharing, OM.

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One thought on “Frans improves connections to his Hurricane Transmitter

  1. TomL

    Gorgeous old equipment with loop antenna farm on top! Must be a conversation piece at parties. 🙂
    I note that the only “digital” stuff involved was a phone and the bhi DSP speaker, everything else analog!


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